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Emergency Module for Maintained System

The British LED Easy Install Emergency Module is an effective solution for emergency conversion of luminaires using LED arrays. The compact, robust housing is supplied containing our Next Generation Omni-LED emergency driver, rechargeable battery and connection terminals. The hinged cover offers easy access for both wiring and battery during installation and once wired, it will pass through a ceiling cut out of just 100mm diameter.
This product is intended to be used with a separate mains driver for Maintained applications, and is supplied pre-wired with cable assemblies for simple ‘plug-and play’ convenience. The Omni-LED’s constant-power driver technology will run any LED lamp or array rated from 9V – 200V, Making it easy to produce an emergency version of your existing LED luminaire without the need for separate ‘emergency’ LEDs or connectors.
Supplied as standard with a 5 year warranty on the electronics (LED inverter) and a 1 year warranty battery. Regular testing and maintenance should be carried out for all emergency lighting.
It is essential to make regular testing of emergency lighting systems, to ensure compliance in securing the Means of Escape under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Both Monthly and Annual inspection and tests should be carried out by the user/ building owner, including a log book of tests. For more detailed information – including regular testing, please contact our sales team on UKsales@BritishLED.co.uk engineers.

Product Description

British LED Easy Install – Emergency Module for Maintained System
9-200v DC – LED Voltage Range | 230V+/-10% Input | 50/60hz supply freq. | 5-35°C Temp Range | IP20